The cost of specialist treatments will vary according to the complexity of the case and type of treatment. This will be fully explained in your treatment plan during the consultation appointment.

Hourly rates

Specialist hourly rate
from £350.00
Sedation hourly rate
from £200.00
Consultationfrom £50.00
Routine extractionfrom £175.00
Surgical flapless extractionfrom £250.00
Surgical extractionfrom £350.00
Multiple wisdom teeth extractionsfrom £400.00
Biopsyfrom £250.00
Soft tissue surgeryfrom £350.00
Consultationfrom £85.00
Anterior Toothfrom £500.00
Retreatment of Anterior Toothfrom £550.00
Pre-molarfrom £650.00
Pre-molar Retreatmentfrom £750.00
Molarfrom £750.00
Molar Retreatmentfrom £850.00
Apicectomyfrom £450.00
Instrument or post removal, add appt requiredfrom £300.00
Reviewfrom £29.50
ConsultationFrom £85.00
Full upper and lower – stainless steel bracketsfrom £2,995.00
Full upper and lower – aesthetic bracketsfrom £3,300.00
Invisalign® (Clear Braces)from £3,700.00
Removal treatment onlyfrom £300.00
Permanent retainerfrom £150.00
Consultation and Initial Radiographsfrom £100.00
Implant placement and restorationfrom £2,600.00
External Sinus liftfrom £1,200.00
Bone Graftingfrom £1,000.00
Block Graftfrom £1,900.00
Implant Removalfrom £450.00
Cancellation and failed appointments:
We understand that sometimes appointments need to be changed at short notice, however where possible we appreciate 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment. We do not routinely charge if a patient fails to attend an appointment without notifying us, but should this happen on more than 3 occasions we reserve the right to charge the time of the last failed appointment.

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